Go! Craft Fair

I’ve been working on the concept of Go! Craft for a while – I wanted to find an outlet for my crafts that was in the centre of Brighton where people couldn’t miss! I felt as though being tucked away in a church hall on a back road meant that the interest in the craft community was beginning to dip as no one knew we were there. As art and craft are such an important part of Brighton I felt that something had to be done! I started up Go! Craft, an arts and crafts market in Brighton showcasing local talent.

Brighton's Newest Craft Fair
The next Brighton Go! Craft Fair is in August at Jubilee Square.

I’ve been inspired by markets like The Fairytale Fair and Maker’s Boutique to create my own outlet. Four times a year I’ll be holding Go! Craft market in the centre of Brighton and showcasing some of the makers and artists that make Brighton so brilliant.

Brighton's Newest Arts & Crafts Market
Brighton’s Newest Arts & Crafts Market

The last one was held at the end of May, which coincided with both Brighton Fringe and the Festival. It was a brilliant day and everything looked gorgeous. There was plenty of footfall and a really chilled out party atmosphere which meant that the customers stayed for a lot longer than they otherwise would have done.

Please visit Go! Craft’s website for more information, or check out the Facebook page!

Brighton's makers and artists at Go! Craft in May
Brighton’s makers and artists at Go! Craft in May