My Leggy Mate

I’ve just finished an print based on a bird I met earlier this year in Portugal. He was a Black Winged Stilt and took great offence to being watched. He kept shouting at us, which I found really entertaining. He also had some little cat bird friends called Kentish Plovers, who’ll be coming next. They […]

Jim Anderson: A Printmaker I Like.

THEN I came across this print by Jim Anderson that stood out because it was so bright and because it looked kind of like a 1930's book cover - like a more colourful Bawden or Ravilious print. I liked it.

Avedon, Arbus, Adams. Beckham, Kardashian.

The ability to be creatively diverse should not be reserved for those that are rich enough to decide to do it. People should be questioning the barriers that are in place in their own lives, and breaking them down.