My Leggy Mate

I’ve just finished an print based on a bird I met earlier this year in Portugal. He was a Black Winged Stilt and took great offence to being watched. He kept shouting at us, which I found really entertaining. He also had some little cat bird friends called Kentish Plovers, who’ll be coming next. They […]

Jim Anderson: A Printmaker I Like.

THEN I came across this print by Jim Anderson that stood out because it was so bright and because it looked kind of like a 1930's book cover - like a more colourful Bawden or Ravilious print. I liked it.

Rattycatcat does the Autumn Fair at the NEC

The Autumn Fair is one of the UK's largest and best known trade shows. It is a wholesale gift and home trade event, showcasing 'amazing brands, new products, retail insight and bucket-loads of inspiration.'

Leaping in to the Void: Making Good Art

I was in my workshop on Wednesday and I began printing with some of the first linocuts I made just over five years ago. One in particular I enjoyed working with was a little blackbird. It occurred to me that the only reason I had made that blackbird in the first place (sad story alert) […]

The Rant That Came From the Ravilious & Co Exhibition

I spend a lot of time thinking about artists like Eric Ravilious. I compare my day-to-day creative life with people like him. I did even before I went to this exhibition at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. Ravilious was a Sussex-based printmaker (amongst other mediums), who engraved over 400 illustrations and drew over 40 lithographic […]

New Linocut – Nightingale on Cork

New linocut work by Rattycatcat.

Libby Morris // Rattycatcat // Go! Craft Brighton

So I thought that since this is my first post on a new blog I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself and the things that I do. I’m Libby. I live in Brighton, by the sea, and wouldn’t change that for the world. I’m a prop maker by day – I work for Plunge Productions as a finisher, […]