My Leggy Mate

I’ve just finished an print based on a bird I met earlier this year in Portugal. He was a Black Winged Stilt and took great offence to being watched. He kept shouting at us, which I found really entertaining. He also had some little cat bird friends called Kentish Plovers, who’ll be coming next. They […]

Rattycatcat’s Five Favourite Creative Reference Books

I love books, especially big coffee table hardback books with lots of pictures! When I'm stuck for ideas for my drawings and prints I flick through my beautiful picture books - they've never failed to get my mind thinking in a different way or heading down a different road to where it was originally. I've created a list - albeit a little one - of the books that have helped me the most.

Libby Morris // Rattycatcat // Go! Craft Brighton

So I thought that since this is my first post on a new blog I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself and the things that I do. I’m Libby. I live in Brighton, by the sea, and wouldn’t change that for the world. I’m a prop maker by day – I work for Plunge Productions as a finisher, […]