Twin Peaks Handmade Card Gift The Black Lodge Set

Twin Peaks Handmade Card Gift The Black Lodge Set

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Please read the following with Audrey's Theme playing either in your head or out loud:

This is the ultimate gift for a Twin Peaks fan. The hand finished (vinyl applied) Black Lodge box contains eight different blank greetings cards featuring characters from the town of Twin Peaks. It's my tribute to David Lynch and to my favouritest show of all time.

Each design is a lino cut. They have been hand drawn, hand cut and hand printed. Each card comes with an envelope.

You're not just looking at a gift set right now, you're looking at the ultimate Twin Peaks appreciation project by the ultimate Twin Peaks fan! (Feel free to argue the latter.)

The box contains 8 x A6 blank greetings cards:

Laura Palmer, obviously.
Agent Cooper
Audrey Horne
The Log Lady
Leland Palmer
Officer Andy Brennan
Lucy Moran
Party Time Leo Johnson

The box measures 23cm x 16cm.

Due to the nature of the printing technique, there may be slight discrepancies between each one made. That's okay though, it just makes each print unique!